Your Guide to Buying Smart TVs in 2019

When looking to buy a TV, there are certain features you consider. In 2019, if you are planning to buy a TV, you are in for a treat because different TV brands are scheduled to release great range of TVs. You should know the following about these TV brands:

1.   Samsung TVs

Samsung has released the 8K TV. The TVs Samsung released in 2019 have three distinctive features that include:

•    Bluetooth connectivity

•    HDR+10 compatibility – The TVs support the latest media regardless of the platform you are using

•    Universal remote controllability – it is possible to control all the devices connected to the TV using one remote

2.   LG TVs

One of the features that make LG TVs exciting in 2019 is their compatibility with the AI market including Google Assistant, Alexa, Smart Platform LG ThinQ and Apple Home Kit. Also, these TVs are available with a Magic Remote. Therefore, you just need to speak to the remote to give commands. With Ultra High Definition, these TVs have other additional features like Dolby Atmos, an alpha 7 processor, and full array dimming.

3.   Hisense TVs

Besides offering high definition images, Hisense TVs are paired with Dolby Atmos to improve the audio quality too. Besides, these TVs are affordable to most people thus they have a high demand especially in the US, UK, and Australia.

4.   Panasonic TVs

With their HCX (Hollywood Cinema eXperince) chipsets to improve picture quality, these TVs support both Dolby Vision and HDR+10. Panasonic has had great TV improvements over the years including front-firing speakers feature to improve audio output and TV anytime/TV anywhere (you can use your tablet or mobile phone to control your TV from anywhere).

5.   Sony TV

Sony has brought improved viewing angles and sound positioning tweeters to help you see and hear well regardless of your positioning. With Sony, you will enjoy android, Apple and Google compatibility, Netflix calibrated mode for streaming purposes and Dolby Vision.

Therefore, which TV should you buy? What are the features you should consider? When looking to buy a TV, take your time and consult 13IT’s professionals if you have any queries to make the right choice.